In September 14th, the National Energy Administration officially released the “Chinese 1 GW Demonstration Project Short List”, with total installed capacity of 1GW, including 9 tower plants, 7 parabolic trough plants and 4 Fresnel plants. a total of 20 projects in the short list of the first batch of China CSP demonstration projects.

Hereby notify the short list of the 20 projects

According to the FIT policy with RMB 1.15/kWh(about 172 USD/MWh) released by the National Development and Reform Commission, only those being completed before December 31,2018 could enjoy this benchmark price, due to China’s geographical situation and other conditions, actual plant construction time can be very limited, that means from this moment, all these projects will start or accelerate the development and construction process. Any experienced enterprises from home and abroad are welcomed to participate in this huge market. Please feel free to contact us for more project information.