U.S.Marine Corps ExFOB event Media Day on Wednesday, August 17.

Cogenra Solar®, a provider of distributed solar cogeneration systems and renewable energy service solutions, will be exhibiting its hybrid solar technology at the United States Marine Corps Experimental Forward Operating Base 2011 (ExFOB) event. The demonstration will focus on “Concentrated Solar Harvesting Technology & Tactical Vehicle Fuel Efficiency” and takes place on August 15-19, 2011.

As part of the select group chosen to participate at the ExFOB event held in Twentynine Palms, California, Cogenra will demonstrate the proficiency of its technology to displace fossil fuels when applied to remote Forward Operating Bases (FOBs). The military is interested in Cogenra’s technology as a means to most rapidly and effectively enhance the self-sufficiency of FOBs roughly the size of a Marine Corps Company (approximately 200 Marines) by utilizing the sun to produce both power and hot water at remote locations.

Cogenra Solar is a distributed solar cogeneration company that combines photovoltaic and hot water collection to deliver low cost electricity and heat generation for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. Cogenra’s solution enables clean, renewable energy below utility rates while reducing natural gas and grid-fed electricity consumption. Cogenra is located in Mountain View, California.