Solar energy does not emit CO2 and is part of the solution to climate change.

Concentrated solar power – a central player in the green economy?
COP17 – 7th December 2011 at the Oasis of Fresh Thinking, Durban
Facilitation by Peter Willis & Team from the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership
09.00 – 09.10
Welcome & Introductions
·         Peter Willis (CPSL)
The Fresh Thinking Lounge
09.10 -09.40
Presentation by the IEA on the role of CSP in the world’s future energy mix and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.
·         Cedric Philibert (IEA)
09.40 – 10.30
How CSP/STE can contribute to the global energy mix, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs and industrialisation in the World’s Sun belt areas. Panel discussion, chaired by Peter Willis:
·         Dr Luis Crespo (Vice President STELAworld, President ESTELA & General Secretary Protemosolar)
·         Pancho Ndebele(President STELAworld, Chairman SASTELA & Founder Emvelo)
·         Rentia van Tonder (IDC, Green Business Unit Head) & Saliem Fakir (WWF, SARI) (A conversation with Salim & Rentia on the role of renewables and CSP in unlocking South Africa’s green economy)
10.30 – 10.50
10.50 – 13.15
Insights from CSP plant technology suppliers, constructors and operators:
·         ACS Cobra – The Andasol Plants (parabolic), Jose Nebrera, Director General (20’)
·         Torresol Energy – The Gemasolar Plant (tower), Alvaro Lorente, CEO (20’)
·         Novatec – PE2 (Linear FRESNEL), Martin Selig, Founder & Former CEO (20’)
·         Siemens –  Avi Brenmillier, President & CEO Solar Thermal Energy (20’)
Focus: Why CSP represents a step forward to a low carbon economy – how CSP plants have demonstrated an uplift in performance from earlier CSP, or proven CSP’s capability in a particular (for example, that Gemasolar has disproved the myth that solar power cannot be 24 hours). What CO2 emissions the plant can be said to displace. What would be needed for such a state of the art technology to be deployed in developing countries such as South Africa – local manufacturing, construction, engineering capabilities needed etc., employment and local investment benefits in the region where the plant was built?
Questions & discussion