Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is an innovative solar power technology and has been taken by countries like Spain, USA, Dubai, Morocco, South Africa, China and India.

With the great expansion of new-built power projects and official support, CSP markets especially in China and Middle East & North Africa (MENA) are booming and creating large number of demands for the supply chain materials and equipment.

CSP Tower system (Credit: Flowserve)

In CSP system, the sun is concentrated and transformed to heat in solar field and power plant unit respectively. Different challenges must be mastered in both areas under CSP’s extreme conditions, for which reliable control valves are required. Some of the types for CSP plants include heat transfer fluid control valves, molten salt control valves, feed water control valves, and steam conditioning control valves.

Image Credit: HORA

There are dozens of valve companies are already in CSP industry and providing products and services for CSP projects across the world. Some of the typical providers are Flowserve, OHL, HP Valves, HORA, SAMSON, Harbin Electric Valve.

In the report Suppliers List of China Key CSP Projects launched earlier, CSP Focus wrapped up the valve providers who successfully got the deals for China 13 key CSP projects.

Below is the Chart «Valve Providers for China Key CSP Projects» in picture: