GlassPoint, US based concentrated solar thermal technology provider, will share lessons from its success with solar EOR in Oman at CSP Today Sevilla 2013 next week.

CSP Today Sevilla 2013 is pleased to announce that GlassPoint Solar, the leader in solar enhanced oil recovery (EOR), will be presenting at next week’s conference. GlassPoint is at the forefront of solar EOR development in the MENA region. Delegates in Sevilla will have the privilege of hearing GlassPoint Vice President John O’Donnell present a performance case study of its project developed in partnership with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), the largest producer of oil and gas in Oman.

“Solar thermal applications that bring compelling economics to targeted industrial markets will be instrumental in shaping the future of CSP,” said O’Donnell. “CSP has previously been focused only on electric power generation. As technologies improve and bring the costs of solar steam to price points competitive with fossil fuels, we’re seeing new markets open as well, including solar EOR and desalination. Solar EOR delivers strong returns and conserves valuable natural gas resources. This year’s CSP Today Conference in Sevilla promises to be a fantastic opportunity to discuss the emerging market forces behind the CSP renaissance.”

GlassPoint’s 7MW solar EOR project uses Enclosed Trough technology, which encloses the solar collectors inside an industrial glasshouse to protect the system from the high winds and dust common in oilfields throughout the Middle East. The project was commissioned in February 2013 and produces an average of 50 tons of emission free steam per day to facilitate heavy oil extraction. The application is a important development for Oman, liberating gas to power economic and industrial growth while enabling continued expansion of EOR, which now uses nearly a quarter of all natural gas.

GlassPoint projects can generate significant in-country value by replacing up to 80 percent of natural gas used for EOR with solar steam. The natural gas saved can be exported as LNG or redirected to the private sector, creating jobs and diversifying the economy.

In addition to GlassPoint, the panel will also include updates from Marcelino Sánchez González, Director Solar Thermal Energy Department at CENER, Oguz Capan, Chairman and CTO at Hittite Solar Energy, and John Van Scoter, CEO of eSolar.

GlassPoint is also a finalist for the CSP Technology Innovation Award along with Schott Solar and Rioglass Solar. At the International CSP Today Awards 2013 Gala Dinner on the 12th November the winner will be announced.