Concentrated solar power is a unique system that reflects all the gathered sunlight into one area, creating a more intensified source for solar energy.

China is on its way to becoming one of the world’s most prominent leaders in renewable energy and now Damin Glass is helping in taking the country to the next level. The company is the first to successfully produce and install concentrated solar power panels in the country.

Unfortunately, this is also one of the more expensive technologies and the cost is one of the primary reasons not many countries have utilized it despite its efficiency in the field. China has rectified this issue by turning to Damin Glass, one of the leading providers for concentrated solar power technology.

Currently, Damin Glass manufactures three different types of concentrated solar power reflectors. First there is the bent and tempered Parabolic Trough solar mirror. Then there is the Tower solar mirror and last is the Lineal Fresnel solar mirror. As of the moment, Damin Glass is currently designing a new Dish type solar mirror which will later be added to their product line.

This all goes in line with China’s newly found confidence in switching over to renewable energy. The country has been noted as the largest carbon contributor in the world and has also been one of the leading buyers of coal but since 2011 it has been on the move to reduce carbon emissions.
China’s burgeoning solar industry goes from strength to strength

China now has a solar power energy grand total equating to 23 GW, second only to the 36 GW of Germany. In just four years China has turned into one of the leading countries utilizing and installing new solar power facilities each year. The current goal is to reach 35 GW by the end of 2015.

In their effort to achieve these goals, China has issued incentives to public facilities and even private sectors that install a significant of solar power to run their electrical needs and cut down on the country’s total carbon emissions.

In 2013 the country installed a record high of 12 GW. In the first few months of 2014 it successfully added 3.3 GW – that’s equivalent to the grand total of Australia’s solar power energy. This is slightly infuriating for many Australians since Australia is one of the sunniest places on the planet.
China’s flourishing renewable industry leaves Australia in the dust

It might be in line with the new Australian Government’s efforts to shift away from renewable energy and go back to coal and fossil fuel.

China has also declared that they are hoping to add another 70 GW of solar power by the time 2017 rolls out.

This may become a reality sooner than originally planned. Since 2008, the cost of solar panels has dropped by 80% and as each year passes by more and more companies are dropping their prices for the revered technology.

The new concentrated solar power deal with Damin Glass is just a small beginning that will help China achieve its goals. With new concentrated solar power panels being installed on a quarterly basis, China may yet achieve the required 12 GW it needs to hit its 2015 goal.

Connor Roberts,