Saudi-Arabian DESERTEC Power and the German dii GmbH shall focus on its implementation.

Early January, Thiemo Gropp will step down as director of the DESERTEC Foundation and join the Executive Board of DESERTEC Power, the Saudi Arabian licensee of the DESERTEC Foundation. He will be succeeded by Andreas Huber, youngest member and managing director of the German Association of the Club of Rome. Also, Frithjof Finkbeiner, vice president of the German Association of the Club of Rome, will take up the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the DESERTEC Foundation.

With these staff changes, the DESERTEC Foundation aims to raise its profile as global NGO with the mission to spread political awareness. For many years, Huber and Finkbeiner have worked together at several civil society organisations, including Global Marshall Plan Initiative and the children’s and youth initiative Plant-for-the-Planet.

Like his Board colleague Ignacio Campino, Huber envisions DESERTEC as impetus for and supporter of the worldwide energy transition. It is widely believed that the energy transition requires political will, committed players and social acceptance. “The energy revolution will come, also on a global scale. Desert electricity is generated day and night, thus it can support other forms of renewable energy; and thereby, promote the revolution. It is only questionable whether humankind will grasp this opportunity and create an energy system that benefits everyone,” says Andreas Huber.

“The energy transition is possible and we are being obstructive,” adds Frithjof Finkbeiner. “Within six hours, deserts receive more energy from the sun than humankind consumes within a year. The rulers of the Arab world have recognised that they can leave the remaining oil reserves untouched und generate revenue through the sale of desert electricity. We are putting a lot of trust in this strategic cooperation and greatly thank Thiemo Gropp for further strengthening the leading position of our cooperation partner with his vast expertise.”

While the DESERTEC Foundation sees itself more as a trailblazer, who provides the underlying conditions needed for the realisation of the desert-electricity idea, businesses such as Saudi-Arabian DESERTEC Power and the German dii GmbH shall focus on its implementation.

The DESERTEC Foundation is a charitable foundation dedicated to the vision of a worldwide energy transition. To accelerate the development of solar thermal power plants with a large-scale renewable energy capacity,      the Foundation coordinates the activities of a worldwide network of volunteers, universities and businesses and promotes the DESERTEC-concept through dialogue and education. DESERTEC can provide many people with access to modern-, CO2-free-, and sustainable energy supply day and night.