In recent years, countries like China, UAE, Morocco, South Africa, Australia, Chile and USA gave bigger support on concentrated solar power (CSP) industry. However, «high cost» is always a big question, in the Survey launched by CSP Focus earlier, most of the industry players agree that we should expand CSP capacity to realize better scale effect, and at the same time devote more on R&D to get technological breakthrough.

Innovation could be made in every aspect in CSP. Solar Tower (ST) and Parabolic Trough (PT) are currently two major CSP technologies, and normally CSP system consists of three parts: Solar Field, HTF&TES and Power Block. Which sub-system/component has greater development potential in future? Central Heat Receiver? Large aperture heat collector + large diameter heat receiver tube? Solar Field Control System? Heat exchangers & Thermal Energy Storage system?

Besides single CSP power plant, CSP could be applied in many other fields like CSP+PV Hybrid Plant, Integrated Solar Combined Cycle ISCC Power Plant, CSP for residential heating/Industrial cooling or heating, Solar Desalination/EOR, which of those applications are more commercially valuable?

CSP related cutting-edge technologies are also crucial topics for industry researchers to dig in: Supercritical carbon dioxide cycle, Innovative HTF/TES medium, Auto mirror-clean robot, Simulation software for CSP plant, Weather forecast system…What others are you looking at for future CSP better commercialization?

To create a perfect platform for keeping close eyes on global CSP innovations and their contribution to future CSP revolution, the 2nd CSP Focus Innovation 2018 will be scheduled on October 25-26 in Shanghai, China after the 1st on successfully held in Madrid, Spain. Registration for the event is open now, would you like to share your experience and expertise as speaker? Promote and showcase your product and expertise as exhibitor or sponsor? Or join the gathering as audience? Just click here to get the event brochure and let CSP Focus about your thoughts.