Within the Multi-Energy RE complex combining with PV and/or Wind, Concentrated Solar Power is playing a role as stabilizer and regulator, easing the power fluctuation and curtailment of PV and Wind. CSP is a must and standard configuration in the newly announced around 30 “Wind/PV + CSP” Complexes located in Qinghai, Gansu, Jilin, Xinjiang and Tibet etc. Most of these projects had been started and tenders issued and floated in the market recently. According to the schedule of each complex project, the CSP part should be completed by end of 2023 or mid 2024 at latest.


Internationally, CSP projects are progressing forward while recovering from pandemic impacts, namely, Noor Energy 1 in UAE, Redstone in South Africa, Minos in Greece, etc. It also worth highlighting that Spain is in the final stage to issue 200MW bidding of CSP in 2022, as part of the RE targets till 2030. And Nambia (50MW) and Botswana(200MW) also started the bidding of CSP project recently.

CSP Focus China 2022