We all know that Concentrated Solar Power development was not in a fast track in the past year. But things are going to change soon.


Under the “Net Zero” goals,  CSP is getting new momentum and will play a critical role in the future energy mix featuring high percentage of REs in China and the rest of world. CSP, instead of stand alone power plant, will be an ideal “partner” to solve the curtailment of PV and Wind during the day time and continue to meet the peak load during the evening, due to the long duration of thermal energy storage system.



As in China, the installation capacity of PV and wind energy will be triple while the thermal power stations are shutting down in the coming 10-20 years, and generations from REs will count for 2/3 of the total generation then. Given the inherent intermittent output from PV and wind, the power system will need huge capacity of stabilizer capacity, within which CSP will be an important party along with battery and hydro, and flexibility revamped thermal power stations as well. The newly launched market transaction mechanism of electricity prices and power system auxiliary services in China will also ease the cost anxiety of CSP plant, as CSP may be compensated by not just the quantity but the quality of power supply.



Internationally, CSP projects are progressing forward while recovering from pandemic impacts, namely Cerro Dominador in Chile, Noor Energy 1 in UAE, Noor Midelt in Morocco, Redstone in South Africa, Minos in Greece, etc. It also worth highlighting that Spain is still striving for minimum 200MW bidding of CSP end of 2021, as part of the RE targets till 2030.


We are sincerely welcoming you to join 11th CSP Focus China 2021 event (Oct 28-29,2021, Beijing China), exploring the new era of CSP in China and the rest of world.

The conference will be ON LINE too, with instant bilingual translation, given the constraints of international travel currently.

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