Renewable energy sources provided 238,489 MWh of power to California’s grid on May 16, representing a record-high 40% of total daily power demand, data from CAISO, California’s grid operator, showed.

CSP plants provided 3,093 MWh on May 16 and peak CSP output was 365 MW at 11:36 am.

California’s renewable energy production peaked at 2 pm when it provided a record 72% of grid power, according to Utility Dive magazine.

                      California’s hourly renewables output on May 16

Source: CAISO.

On March 11, utility scale solar power accounted for 40% of California’s net grid power generation between 11 am and 2 pm, the highest level ever recorded in the state, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) said last month.

Rising solar capacity has helped lower wholesale power prices in the CAISO network into negative price territory across some daylight hours, particularly in Spring.

California power demand hits its lowest levels in late winter and early spring while solar output increases as the days grow longer and the sun gets higher in the sky. Negative prices are usually caused by conventional power generators remaining online to avoid high shutdown or restart costs.

         Net generation vs wholesale prices on March 11
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