Jordanian officials to discuss role solar can play in their developing energy mix at MENASOL 2013 (14-15 May, Dubai).

According to the CSP Today Global Tracker, the use of CSP in Jordan is currently under investigation, “while the country is busy implementing reliable low-cost supply of energy using large, conventional and centrally-located power plants and developing its interconnection with neighbouring countries.”

In January of this year, Abu-Dhabi based Masdar signed an agreement with Jordan to secure the company’s involvement in upcoming renewable energy projects there.

The agreement will in effect create a public-private partnership that will enable Jordan to speak directly with Masdar and make use of their expertise when assessing the viability of domestic projects.

There are three key factors that make concentrated solar power an attractive prospect for Jordan. Firstly, the lack of natural gas and oil make Jordan heavily dependent upon neighbouring countries such as Egypt. This is linked to a substantial increase in its energy consumption in the past decade. Together with a high direct solar irradiation, the conditions in Jordan make CSP a viable option.

At MENASOL, the Electricity Regulatory Commission will discuss the Jordanian solar market with local developers European Jordanian Renewable Energy and the Ma’an Development Area.

The presentations will consider how solar will be integrated into the existing market and the ways it will be incentivised, as well as tackling project development questions that international companies are looking to answer.

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