Spain has the highest proportion of concentrated solar power of any nation on earth at 1.3% of total generation

The Electricity Network of Spain (REE) reports that solar photovoltaic (PV) technology supplied 3.0% of electricity generated in the nation over the course of 2012, with an additional 1.3% supplied by concentrating solar power (CSP).

This is the highest percentage of CSP generation in any nation to date. Together, solar electric technologies supplied a total of 4.3% of Spanish electricity in 2012, second only to Germany and Italy.

When wind, renewable thermal, and hydroelectricity are added, renewable energy rises to almost 32% of Spain’s generation in 2012, higher than either Germany or Italy.

In December 2012, PV supplied only 1.8% of total generation, with CSP providing another 0.6%. However, the total of wind, solar, renewable thermal and hydroelectricity rose to 39.5% of generation on higher wind and hydro generation. REE notes that this is much higher than the 33.7% supplied by renewables in December 2011.