Jinta Zhongguang Solar Energy 100MW CSP project started the concrete grouting for the receiver tower foundation, which was a grand milestone for the construction of the project.

The 100MW CSP project was enrolled as the first round of pilot projects back to 2016. But the original developer, China Three Gorges New Energy failed to start the project. Cosin Solar, also known as Supcon Solar, took over the project in 2020, as part of the 700MW CSP+PV Hybrid projects, among which 100MW CSP and 600MW PV, and pushed forward the project development in a fast track. The CSP project will apply the molten salt tower CSP technology with 9 hours’ thermal storage.


Find below the fact sheet of the project. More project details will be available to CSP Focus Membership. Contact Sunny (sunnys@cspfocus.cn) for membership inquiry.