On the closing day of the 27th SolarPACES conference, two members of Estela, CSP Services and DLR received the Technology Innovation Award: Annual Awards – SolarPACES

The SolarPACES Awards honor the personal engagement of individuals and institutions that significantly contribute to the deployment of CSP technology.

Criteria_SolarPACES_Technology_Innovation_Award for innovations relevant to a more rapid deployment of CSP technology through:

  • Performance/cost ratio increase
  • Improved manufacturing technology
  • Better component lifetime
  • Improved environmental profile


Criteria_SolarPaces_Lifetime_Achievement_Award that honors personal contributions to the successful development and implementation of CSP systems of an individual throughout a major phase of his/her life. Criteria are:

  • Acknowledged leadership in research or management in the field of CSP technology
  • Long term commitment in this field
  • Promotion of international cooperation