With other renewable energy costs dropping, and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) projects beset by delays and regulatory changes, it’s more and more important to optimize CSP plant to demonstrate their value to the energy

Concentrating Solar Power plants in operation must maximize each megawatt, with increasing competition from other renewable energies and recent regulatory changes it’s crucial to reduce costs during the whole life cycle of the plant. To accomplish this, R&D plays a vital role. Thermotool and Sunoracle are systems to analyse heat transfer fluid quality and gas leak detection systems respectively and have the potential to reduce operational costs.

CSP Today Enhanced Plant Engineering (12-13 November, Sevilla) will bring together’ the leading research executives in CSP such as the Solar Thermal Group Leader at CSIRO, the R&D Director from Cobra Energy and the Head of surface engineering & nano-structured materials at Universidad Complutense. These are just some of the experts who will be uncovering technological developments in trough and tower technologies that promise higher operating temperatures, constant production and LCOE cost reductions.

At this session, attendees will learn how predictive management systems and on-line analysis of heat transfer fluid analysis quality in trough plants can reduce costs and dramatically improve O&M performance of the plant. Eduardo Zarza, Head of solar concentrating systems at Ciemat-PSA will be leading and moderating this top level session.

This year leading companies such as Acciona, TSK and ACS Cobra; and research institutions such as DLR, CENER and ENEA will be discussing on how to achieve substantial cost reduction by optimizing the design, size and components of a plant.