Particularly in the MENA region, the combination of these technologies can solve the shortage of fresh water and extend the life of oil fields.

According to the Emirates Solar Industry Association (ESIA), Saudi Arabia´s domestic oil consumption will exceed exports by 2026. In order to maximise oil production, CSP can offer power generation at remote locations as well as integration with EOR. This technology is estimated by industry experts to produce 20% of oil production by 2030.

In the same region, 5% of the world´s population has to survive on less than 1% of the world’s fresh water supply available. Access to fresh water is therefore a number one priority for governments in the area, making desalination an attractive solution. Integrating CSP with this type of water treatment can reduce the costs and ensure that the Middle East has no water shortage.

Therefore, the CSP industry is still exploring these applications. CSP Today has released the new “CSP Today Industrial Applications Guide: Desalination and Enhanced Oil Recovery”, that provides critical information on these new integrations.

The guide includes a detailed analysis of the current water deficit in the MENA region, as well as the type of desalination technologies that can be integrated with CSP. Moreover, it offers valuable data on the 29 MW Coalinga plant, which is the world´s first CSP plant supporting EOR.

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