In the economically and environmentally constrained world of the 21st century, it is critical that decisions about renewable energy policy and investment are based on the best available information.

The guiding principle for further investment steps towards a sustainable energy transition that it should not only be how much a generated kWh in a given power plant costs based on CAPEX/OPEX. Instead, the value it effectively added to the system should be from now on the essential factor for deciding on investments.

The “Value” versus “Cost” approach is now understood by more and more policy makers and intergovernmental organizations, although it will take a while to waive unspecific auctioning when supporting the deployment of new RE capacity in different countries.

STELA-World has been established to advice policy makers all around the world, showing that STE/CSP is – and will continue to be – the necessary choice when planning addition of new capacity in sun-belt countries. Furthermore, it will be also the preferred choice for policy makers when all the impacts – technical and economical – are duly taken into account.

STELA-World has been formed to work with international agencies such as the IEA, IRENA, the UNFCCC, UN Development Program, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the European, African and Asian Development Banks to assist policy makers and energy investors to access information on solar thermal electricity development, and the value and rapidly reducing cost of solar thermal electricity production.

Through its member bodies, STELA-World aims to promote data and information exchange from industry, research agencies, academic institutions and government bodies around the world relating to solar thermal power generation.


STELA-World seeks to help the world to see the unique value and benefits of solar thermal electricity generation, and to promote policy settings that will accelerate investment in the development of large-scale solar thermal power around the world.