From June 12th to 2:12 am June 13th, SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50 MW Tower Concentrated Solar Power Plant has generated 863MWh electricity, setting new high of single-day output.

The operation record of June 12th shows the molten salt temperature at receiver outlet reached 566℃(The design value is 565℃). At 5:40 pm, the hot salt tank has been fully filled and the average molten salt temperature was 563.2℃. The main steam reached 541℃/13.3 MPa(The design value is 540℃/13.2MPa), and the output power of generator reached 50.61MW (The design value is 50MW). As of 2:12 am June 13th, when the plant was desynchronized to the grid, the total electricity output is 863MWh, which accounted for 96.5% of the predicted electricity output of 894MWh based on the performance model.

SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW Tower CSP Plant was synchronized to the grid on Dec.30th 2018, and reached full-load operation on April 17th 2019. Since May 26th, the actual electricity output against the predicted value of the performance model has exceeded 85% for two consecutive weeks, during which the figure has reached over 100% for three days.

SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Plant, one of China’s CSP Demonstration projects, is installed with 540,000㎡ reflection area heliostats, 7-hour molten salt storage system and designed to generate 146GWh electricity annually. The project was launched on March 15th, 2017 and was synchronized to the grid on Dec. 30th, 2018. It is designed and constructed based on SUPCON SOLAR’s fully patented and validated technologies.

University of Chile visited SUPCON SOLAR


On 11th June 2019, Francisco Martinez, Dean of Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Luis Vargas, Director of External Affairs, Marcelo Matus, Professor of Electrical Engineering Department and other scholars from University of Chile visited SUPCON SOLAR. Li Wei, the Vice President and other staffs from SUPCON SOLAR warmly received them. Yu Zitao, Dean of Energy Engineering Faculty, Xiao Gang, Professor of Energy Engineering Faculty from Zhejiang University attended the seminar, as well.

The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges after the delegation from University of Chile visited the SUPCON Technology Experience Center. In the seminar, Andy Zhao, the key account general manager of SUPCON SOLAR introduced SUPCON SOLAR’s experience and expertise in CSP. Prof. Xiao Gang, gave a detailed elaboration of the development of CSP technologies in China and Zhejiang University. Prof. Marcelo Matus delivered a speech on The Chilean energy market and the CSP potential.

Francisco Martínez, Dean of Faculty of Physics and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile, and Li Wei, Vice President of SUPCON SOLAR, signed a MOU on behalf of the two sides. Both parties acknowledge each other’s achievement in its specialized field, identify the significance to combine their strengths and leadership, have the interest in the further development of bilateral cooperation and both parties agree to strengthen, enhance their collaboration and friendship to explore the opportunity to promote the research, innovation and industrial applications of CSP jointly in Chile.