At their meeting in Rome on October 13th, Dii´s shareholders decided to continue Dii in an adapted format.

After successful awareness building, networking and market analyses, Dii will focus on providing services primarily to its shareholders, e.g. facilitating and supporting concrete project activities in the Middle East and North Africa as a service company. Future core shareholders of the new Dii include ACWA Power (Saudi Arabia), RWE (Germany) and SGCC (China).  

CEO Paul van Son: "When Dii started five years ago, renewable energy played only a minor role in the Middle East and North Africa. This is completely different today. Around 70 projects have now been implemented or are under construction. During these five years Dii has helped by conducting fundamental studies, developing country specific strategies. This phase is now complete and we are adapting to new requirements.” 

Development of renewable energy is progressing 

From Morocco to the Arabian Peninsula, the expansion of renewable energy has noticeably gained momentum and it is slowly becoming a driver for positive economic development in the region. Coming from roundabout 70 megawatts in 2000, the project volume has increased up to 3 gigawatts (GW) in 2014. For 2020, Dii is expecting 35 GW. For the entire region, Dii has identified a volume of 800 GW at suitable locations close to demand centers with access to infrastructure. The regional electricity demand will quadruple in the next few decades until 2050 by strong population growth and economic development up to over 2,300 terawatt hours.