The DiGeSPo project concept is a modular 1-3 kWe, 3-9 kWth micro Combined Heat and Power (m-CHP) system based on innovative Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Stirling engine technology.

DiGeSPo will realize a new market technology in the specificsector of micro cogeneration systems for distributed level applications.

Some partners can manufacture parts of the overall technology inside the industrial manufacturing lines, some other partners are establishing partnerships for manufacturing other specific parts (Stirling engine).

The exploitation plan will drive the actions of the Consortium towards a sustainable approach to the market, from the cost, from the standards and from theindustrial chain points of view.

The DiGeSPo research results and inventions are currently still at an embryonic stage commercially so key issues related to potential DiGeSPo commercialisation opportunities (such as ownership, IP position, market potential) are under identification.