On 18 October 2022 ESTELA was pleased to attend European Energy Research Alliance’s (EERA) organised a high-level policy orientated conference “Repowering Europe for a sustainable strategic autonomy. Presenting an R&I agenda for REPowerEU”, where amongst other fascinating presentations and discussions, EERA introduced their REPowerEU Manifesto: The European energy research community’s response to the REPowerEU Plan, a document that highlights a set of key challenges and proposes strategies for implementing the REPowerEU plan.

ESTELA welcomes the manifesto, agreeing that European Union’s current models do not fit this new energy situation we find ourselves in, and we must reconsider our economic paradigm. Furthermore, we are happy to see the document highlighting the role concentrated solar technologies (CST) could play in the energy transition and how including CST in the solution package is crucial to maximise both heat and energy storage transition. We are confident that CST will have a more prominent role in the future energy plans and strategies in order to achieve net zero carbon in 2050.