Ingeteam has supplied nine INGEDRIVETM MV700 medium-voltage speed converters for this thermosolar plant.  It is hoped that in April it will reach the goal of generating power under rated operating conditions.

Xina Solar One is a concentrating solar power plant with an installed capacity of 100 MW.  It uses cylindrical-parabolic collector technology and a thermal storage system which makes it possible to better utilise the solar energy available. This plant forms part of the largest solar complex in Sub-Saharan Africa and is expected to start operating commercially in 2017.


The speed converters play a vital role in regulating the plant’s main pumps.  Ingeteam has supplied the equipment responsible for controlling the thermal medium pumps and the water supply pumps towards the steam generator.

The converters are installed in prefabricated electrical rooms prepared for outdoor assembly.  These are modular solutions assembled and tested at source, which drastically reduce work on site, consequently saving time and money.

The converter tests and commissioning started last autumn as part of the plant’s commissioning work.