Eltherm South Africa has been awarded the contract for the heat tracing system design and installation for the Xina Solar One power plant near Pofadder in the Northern Cape.
It is eltherm’s first major project since establishing its operations in South Africa a year ago. eltherm SA is a subsidiary of global heat tracing company, eltherm GmbH, which has its headquarters in Germany.
The contract, awarded to eltherm SA by Abengoa, will include the customised development, engineering and construction of Xina Solar One’s heat tracing system.
Kilometres of mineral insulated heating cable will be used for the heat tracing system of the solar project designed as a parabolic trough plant. These cables will feature laser welded termination points that prevent water ingress and therefore avoid any moisture issues that might arise. Furthermore, the heating system will be managed by eltherm’s customised TraceVision software and controllers that enable efficient and uninterrupted operations at the plant. The heat tracing phase of the Xina Solar One project is scheduled to start in June 2016 and will take approximately six to eight months to complete. Giles Maynard, general manager of eltherm SA commented: “We’re extremely excited to form part of this significant solar plant project which sets the tone for our growth trajectory in the local CSP (concentrated solar power) market. “The project also puts us on course to become one of the country’s leading heat tracing system providers and also reconfirms eltherm’s commitment to contribute to the country’s local economic development.” The 100 MW Xina Solar One plant’s parabolic trough technology will provide a five-hour thermal energy storage capacity using molten salts which will assist in meeting peak demand, after sunset. The heat tracing system therefore forms an integral part in storing and harnessing solar energy.
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This plant will produce clean energy to serve more than 95,000 households and will prevent the emission of 348,000 tons of CO2 per year. eltherm SA has, since its inception in the fourth quarter of 2014, doubled its staff contingent and, through its strategic BBBEE partnership with Asani Group, is developing its business nationally and into the rest of Africa. eltherm SA has a global footprint and includes a highly qualified and experienced team that services many specialist industries such as EPC (Engineering procurement construction), mining, food and beverage, bitumen, automotive, power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical and renewable energy with specific focus on CSP. Worldwide, eltherm is regarded as one of the leading providers of heat tracing systems with offices across the globe. Notwithstanding the company’s comprehensive manufacturing operations, it retains its core competency as an engineering design company.