The last quarter of 2014 has been filled in with several crucial announcements for the Global Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) industry.

The latest edition of the CSP Today Quarterly Update analyzes key developments in South Africa, Morocco, India, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as markets to keep an eye on for Q1 2014.

Recent announcements in the most promising emerging CSP markets have given the industry a breath of fresh air. Saudi Arabia occupied headlines with its Renewable Resource Atlas due to launch on 18 December 2013, while South Africa has announced 2 new projects awarded by the Department of Energy under Window 3 of the REIPPPP.

In Morocco the Noor II and Noor III Concentrated Solar Thermal Power projects appear to be gaining traction with more financing secured in this quarter. In India a new innovation program being administered by the Asian Development Bank and the Solar Energy Corporation of India appears to be injecting new energy into the struggling market.

Kuwait is another market that has received special attention in the last four months. Bids are closed for the 70 MW Shagaya RE Park. In addition to this, in September the Partnerships Technical Bureau announced the appointment of HSBC Bank as transaction advisor for the 60 MW Al Abdaliyah ISCC Plant also currently under planning in Kuwait.
While the above developments certainly show great promise for the immediate CSP growth, other markets are also introducing more gradual steps towards paving the way for future CSP development.

Chile and Brazil are clear examples. In Chile the target of 20% of renewable energy generation by 2025 was announced in October 2013. For Brazil, the government has indicated that solar projects will be allowed to bid in the upcoming A5 Auction, although no solar projects were successful in the A3 Auction.

Moreover, this last quarter of the year has seen a wave of acquisitions that outline new trends in the industry. Since September we have seen Saudi’s ACWA Power buy German mirror manufacturer Flabeg, Spain’s Rioglass buy Germany-based Siemens’ solar assets, Israel-based Qnergy buy the American Dish Stirling developer Infinia, and Spanish EPC TSK buy German manufacturer Flagsol.

All these developments have been analyzed in the latest issue of the CSP Today Quarterly Update, a tool that provides comprehensive analysis of the industry utilizing data from the CSP Today Global Tracker. It is an easily digestible guide to recent industry developments in order to enhance your understanding of the global CSP picture.