In July, TSK has acquired Ingeteam´s power generation plant engineering and construction subsidiary. With this latest acquisition, TSK reinforces its current capacity to deliver electric power generation plants using renewable and conventional sources.


Nowadays there are several changes in electrical generation market, thanks to the introduction of renewable energies, mainly wind and solar PV. Main problem of energies mentioned is unstability and non dispatchability, therefore being necessary other electrical generation resources renewables or conventional, or electrical storage systems that allow an stability to electrical grid and consequently increase of renewable energy share in electrical generation mix.

Unfortunately, electrical grids are without storage capacity, being necessary in all the moment by electrical grid management, electrical generation is equal to electrical consumption. So,integration of storage is a solution, being possible and economical.


There are two types of storage systems, thermal associated with solar thermal power plants, and electrical being associated with PV or wind power plants, allowing electrical integration with the grid, or isolated or in thermal power plants, with the purpose to fulfill hourly regulation and avoid regulation of boiler – turbine systems.


As follow, it is showed a graph in which it is feasible to observe LEC value of different technologies, renewables, conventional, with or without storage.


As it is observed both types of storage (please see LEC curve, compare annual capacity factor vs LEC), thermal storage – solar thermal energy, electrical storage – PV plants, or insulated or with thermal power plants, are viable, but the main different is application range:


In solution battery storage capacity is between 15 – 30 minutes, grid integration solutions, in PV – electrical storage, battery storage capacity is between 30 – 90 minutes, renewable energy grid integration, and CSP + thermal energy storage, capacity is between 4 – 12 hours, base load.


In the last years, Thermal Energy Storage jointly with Solar Thermal energy is decreasing EPC cost thanks to introduction of new equipments – components, instead of world capacity installed is so reduce if it is compared with other technologies.


About Electrical Storage System, battery price has decreased significantly but with the purpose that overall solution is competitive, other systems like power converter system, electrical system that are conventional, it is necessary a simplification and avoiding auxiliary systems.


TSK can provide different storage solutions jointly with power plants, thanks to their own capabilities and references.


TSK is a global Company that specializes in the execution of complex projects at an international level providing its own technology for different sectors in industry such as electrical infrastructures, industrial plants, energy generating power plants (conventional or renewable), Oil&Gas, water treatment plants or installations for handling and storage of raw materials. TSK reached sales close to 1000 million Euros in 2016 and has more than 1000 professionals and 35 projects executed in more than 50 countries.