On July 25, Yumen Xin’ao New Energy Co., Ltd. released the announcement of the winning candidates of EPC Contractor and Project Supervisor for the 100 MW Concentrated Solar Power Project of Yumen Xinao 700MW PV+CSP+Wind Project, and NWEPDI of Energy China won the EPC bid and Sichuan Jiangdian Construction Supervision Co., Ltd the Project Supervisor.

SPIC Shanshan 1GW CSP+PV Project Groundbreaking

July 28. The groundbreaking ceremony of the SPIC Shanshan 1GW CSP+PV Project, a GW scale new energy base project of SPIC Henan Company, was held in Shanshan County, Xinjiang.

Datang Shichengzi 1GW CSP+PV Demonstration Project Releases 6 RFQ Procurement Announcements

On July 27, Datang Hami Wind Power Development Co., Ltd. released a procurement announcement for the «Environmental Impact Assessment Report», «Soil and Water Conservation Program Report», «Technical Boundary Survey Report», «Energy Conservation Assessment Report», «Social Stability Risk Analysis Special Report» and «Water Resources Demonstration Report» for the 1GW PV+CSP project in Shichengzi, Xinjiang.

CPECC Bags Installation Contract of PT3 for Dubai NOOR Energy 1 Project

July 25. CPECC First Construction Company and Shanghai Electric Group held a contract signing ceremony for the installation of Oil&Salt Heat Transfer System of PT3 for 950MW NOOR Energy 1 CSP+PV project in Dubai. This project is the world’s largest integrated CSP+PV project and the first large-scale new energy installation project signed by CPECC overseas office.

DEWA solar power plant (UAE): first molten salts injected into the receiver designed and supplied by John Cockerill

The DEWA solar thermal power plant in the Dubai desert reached another major milestone on 14 July 2022: the first salts were injected into the receiver designed and supplied by John Cockerill. Commissioning is continuing in order to reach 565°C at the receiver outlet. This molten salt technology, used as a heat transfer fluid, enables electricity to be generated 24 hours a day. Once the temperature of 565°C has been reached, thanks to 70,000 heliostats reflecting the sun’s rays to heat exchangers, the salts are stored for 15 hours, enabling electricity to be produced day and night at a stable and continuous power of 100 MW.

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