eSolar, the US based developer of concentrated solar power (CSP) projects, will provide insight into the benefits of utilizing CSP for enhanced oil recovery in the Middle East at CSP Today Sevilla 2013.

Oil exports in the Middle East will be exceeded by its domestic consumption by 2026, according to the Middle East Solar Industry Association. This is driving both OPEC and non-OPEC countries in the region to explore enhanced oil recovery technologies to boost their oil production.

eSolar is one of the few solar companies that are currently looking to provide a solar solution to EOR processes. Last week they received a $22 million funding tranche to support the development of their next-generation technology, that will produce steam for use in EOR applications.

This funding will allow eSolar to further the development of its next-generation heliostat, the SCS5, which will allow them to streamline the design of the solar field and reduce project costs. The US based technology developer intends to supply oil companies, that want to extend the life of their oil fields, with a sustainable and affordable solution for EOR.

In addition to the production of steam for EOR, eSolar has also developed a molten salt-based storage technology. This allows for water to be recycled in the oil-field and will dramatically cut their technologies water usage in the Middle East, to overcome one of the greatest challenges in locating power plants in desert regions.

John Van Scoter, the company’s President and CEO, will be attending CSP Today Sevilla 2013 (12-13 November) to share eSolar´s insights into the benefits of solar EOR.

Furthermore, John O´Donell, the Vice President of Business Development at Glasspoint , will give a performance case study of the solar EOR application that they developed for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), the largest producer of oil and gas in Oman.

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