As former Secretary General of Synergrid, the Belgian Association for gas and electricity TSO and DSO, Bérénice Crabs has an in-depth experience of both the challenges of energy transition and the management of associations and stakeholders´ engagement.

Prior to Synergrid, Bérénice has held various positions at Fluxys, the Belgian gas TSO. She took on the new role on September 1st, 2022. Bérénice will be replacing Marcel Bial, who is retiring. The President Jose Luis Martinez Dalmau and the Executive Board want to thank Marcel for his work and efforts in developing the association and supporting its members since 2013 and wish Bérénice success in her new position at the association in this exciting and transformative phase in the European and worldwide energy markets. Concentrated solar power technology (CSP) is a renewable solar energy technology that will play a decisive role for the production of electricity, heat and green hydrogen, thanks to its inherent storage technology and capability offering heat and electricity 24/7, including ancillary services.

ESTELA joins YES TO 45% RES campaign

ESTELA is pleased to join a group of 10 RES associations for the relaunch of the #Yesto45RES campaign!

In its REPowerEU plan, the European Commission has presented its ambition to transform Europe’s energy system by ending the EU’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels and tackling the climate crisis. Concentrated solar power (CSP) is part of the solution to transform the European energy system. Solar thermal electricity, thanks to its thermal storage, firm and non-intermittent production, is an competitive alternative to fossil fuels in particular natural gas. CSP can also be used to decarbonize heat and produce green hydrogen.