While Spain hosts nearly all the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) deployed to date in Europe, 392 MW of CSP is under development in Italy.

Commercial Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants, end of 2013: 2311.5 MW. 1961.2. MW end of 2012. CSP projects under development at the beginning of 2014: 638.8 MW.
Europe’s concentrated solar power (CSP) market is shifting from Spain to Italy and overseas as the continent’s solar thermal market contracts further, according to the latest annual report by EurObserv’ER (Paris).

“Solar Thermal and Concentrated Solar Power Barometer” finds that while Spain completed 350 MW of CSP plants in 2013, there are no plants under an advanced stage of development or construction in the nation.

And while Italy has only 5.35 MW of installed Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) capacity, the nation has fourteen separate CSP projects under development totaling 392 MW. Some of Italy’s smaller CSP plants may come online in 2015, while a few of the larger ones are scheduled for 2016 and 2017.

Over 99% of Europe’s installed CSP capacity is in Spain. EurObserv’ER notes the role of policy changes, with Spain retroactively abolishing its system feed-in tariff, while a feed-in tariff for CSP drives the Italian industry.

There are also indications that the market may spread beyond Italy and Spain. Greece currently has two CSP projects totaling 125 MW under development, including a 75 MW project based on Dish Stirling technology. Cyprus is also developing a 50.8 MW Dish Stirling project.