Due to the current outbreaks of Omicron in several cities in China, the upcoming 12th Annual CSP Focus China 2022, scheduled on April 21&22 in Beijing, will have to be postponed to May 26 & 27 in Beijing. The conference will be in person and online available as well. 

Stay in tune for latest progress of CSP Focus China 2022 through CSP Focus official website and social media platforms like LinkedIn. 

Conference Agenda:

Session One – CSP Development under «Net Zero» Goal of China

  • Policy Analysis: CSP Opportunities in RE Matrix in China
  • CSP in Multi-Energy Complementary and Integration Complex
  • Techno-Economic Analysis of PV, Wind and CSP as Storage Integration Project
  • CSP Re-orientation: Peak Load and Long Duration Storage
  • CSP’s Role in Future Power System – Answers from State Grid
  • Panel Discussions – CSP Development under «Net Zero» Goal of China

Session Two – CSP Plant Performance and Industry Green Transition

  • Plant Performance of Cerro Dominador and Chilian CSP Potential
  • Performance and Lessons Learns – Supcon Solar 50MW Tower CSP
  • Industry Park Green Transition – Blue Sea for CSP?
  • Best Practices of 100MW Urat Trough CSP Plant
  • Performance and O&M Lessons of Shouhang Dunhuang 100MW Tower CSP Plant
  • First Commercial Molten Salt CLFR – 50MW Dacheng Dunhuang CSP Plant

Session Three – CSP New Builds Update and Future Auctions Worldwide

  • Performance and Lessons Learnt on 50MW Beam Down Tower CSP Project
  • Integration of Tower and Trough CSP – UAE NOOR Energy 1 Project
  • CSP Construction and O&M Sharing and Update on Redstone Project in South Africa
  • Benchmark Green Transition in African Energy Sector – Cases from Masen
  • 200MW CSP Projects Auctions and Future Project Pipeline in Spain
  • Update on Namibia 50MW CSP Project

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