Attendees of CSP Today Sevilla 2013 (12-13 November, Sevilla) will be given a unique opportunity to visit the 150MW Extresol solar power station.

Extresol has already accumulated years of operational data, and delegates will be able to get an exclusive look at the facility on the morning of 11 November. Mercedes Galindez, the organizer of CSP Today Sevilla, announced the news on Monday 30 September. Galindez explained that “this plant forms the largest CSP complex in Europe and we are delighted to give CSP Today Sevilla attendees the chance to see the control room, the steam generator and other power block facilities up close”.

With a power output of 50 MW, Extresol-1 was the first plant to be connected to the grid and is approximately 200 hectares and has 156 loops. Each unit at the Extresol facility also utilises integrated energy storage. This allows for up to 7.5 hours of thermal energy storage capable of delivering electricity at any time, day or night, which provides operating stability for the electricity grid.

ACS Cobra, the operators of Extresol 1, 2 and 3, will take attendees on an exclusive tour of the site to show the key lessons learned during the construction and operation of the plant. To see more details on the site visit, as well as CSP Today Sevilla 2013, please visit: