Securing finance for CSP plants proves to be a deal breaker for developers aiming to move into international markets.

This November at CSP Today Sevilla 2013 top executives from Allianz Global Investors and Mozuho Bank will be sharing insights on the financing of plants.

This 12th and 13th of November attendees at CSP Today Sevilla 2013 will have the opportunity to hear insights on financing CSP plants in international markets. The panel “Securing financing in emerging markets” will tackle one of the most important issues to ensuring CSP plants become a reality.

Among other subjects, panellists will discuss the risks of investing in emerging countries, particularly in relation to exchange rate risks, and how merging CSP technology with industrial applications could make it easier to secure financing.

Panellists include Thomas Engelmann, Director of the Renewable Energy Team at Allianz Global Investors, and David Short, Director of Renewable Energy at the Mizuho Bank. Both have extended experience in the CSP market and will allow developers to analyse the factors that financers take when approving a loan for a CSP plant.

Engelmann recently joined Allianz Global Investors to take on the post of director and portfolio manager for the Allianz Renewable Energy Fund (AREF). According to the finance institution, the AREF was successfully closed last September with a total fund volume of approximately EUR 150 million contributed by institutional investors.

In a recent communication, Dr. Armin Sandhövel, CIO Renewable Energy / Infrastructure at Allianz Global Investors commented: “Thomas Engelmann´s expertise and business contacts will be key in strategically expanding this asset class for us and in sourcing ideal projects for our portfolios.”