GlassPoint Solar, the leading supplier of solar energy to the oil and gas industry, announced today the appointment of Donald Sullivan as Vice President of Projects, Americas.  Sullivan will lead the engineering, procurement and construction of GlassPoint’s California solar oilfield projects from its offices in Bakersfield, California.


Sullivan brings nearly four decades of experience managing complex construction projects at Fluor Corporation, a Fortune 500 engineering and construction firm. This includes several years planning and executing projects throughout Kern County, where he served as the project director for the proposed Hydrogen Energy California (HECA) Project and previously the project manager for the Mobil San Ardo and Belridge cogeneration facilities. Sullivan’s oversight of GlassPoint projects in the Americas will include the recently-announced Belridge Solar Project with Aera Energy, which will be California’s largest solar project.


“Donald has built entire teams from scratch and executed projects successfully all over the world,” said GlassPoint COO and acting CEO Ben Bierman. “He is ideally suited to build on our track record of safe, on time project delivery as he takes the helm of GlassPoint projects across the Western Hemisphere.”


At Fluor, Sullivan rose through the ranks from Associate Engineer shortly after graduating college to the position of Executive Projects Director. Along the way, Sullivan’s engineering and project management work spanned the globe from Texas to South Africa to Venezuela—a parallel to GlassPoint’s international project portfolio and workforce.


As Vice President of Projects in the Americas, Sullivan’s first priority will be to build up a team of experienced engineers and construction professionals to support the company’s growth in California as it plans more solar projects in Kern County and the Central Valley region.


“By delivering emissions-free and affordable energy to the oil and gas industry through innovative solar technology, GlassPoint has earned the respect of engineers across the energy sector,” said Sullivan. “I am honored to contribute to the company’s continued leadership in delivering financial and environmental benefits to its clients and communities around the world, starting right here in Bakersfield with the Belridge Solar Project.”


GlassPoint Solar is the leading supplier of solar energy to the oil and gas industry. The global oil and gas industry consumes an amount of energy equal to 10 percent of its own production, making it one of the biggest markets for renewable energy. Operating worldwide from the Middle East to California, GlassPoint’s enclosed trough technology delivers the lowest-cost energy to power oilfield operations. By harnessing sunshine, instead of burning natural gas or other fuels, GlassPoint helps oil producers reduce operating expenses while significantly cutting greenhouse gas emissions.


GlassPoint is one of the fastest-growing solar companies in the world with more than one gigawatt of solar oilfield projects under construction, and was recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer for its role in enabling more economical and sustainable oil production.