GlassPoint Solar, a leading supplier of solar to the oil and gas industry, was recently honoured at the Middle East & North Africa Solar Conference and Expo 2016 (Menasol) held in Dubai, UAE.

GlassPoint Solar received the title of ‘CSP Technology Innovation for Middle East and North Africa (Mena)’ for the second year in a row, said a statement from the company.

The award was presented to GlassPoint for making significant contributions to the industry through its drive for innovation and cost reduction that exceeds all others, it added.


The company’s concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies seals the mirrors and other vulnerable components inside a greenhouse that protects them from high winds, dust and sand. Its structure enables the use of lightweight, readily available materials that are a small fraction of the cost of those used in exposed systems.
The greenhouse roof is cleaned each night with a proven automated washing unit that eliminates manual cleaning and conserves water. Research shows that soiling can reduce performance by an average of 2.5 per cent every day, demonstrating the need for automated washing in desert environments, it stated.

Daniel Palmer, vice president of sales at GlassPoint, said: “Being recognised by the region’s principal solar conference for the second year in a row is truly an honour. The award reinforces the success and economic viability of our enclosed trough design even in today’s challenging conditions.”

GlassPoint Solar’s Palmer (R) receiving the award

“When prices are high, oil producers concentrate on increasing output. However, when prices are low, the focus shifts to reducing costs. At a typical heavy oilfield, 60 per cent of operating cost is fuel purchase for steam generation and our company’s solution can reduce gas used in thermal enhanced oil recovery by up to 80 per cent,” he added.