For those who are tracking concentrated solar power industry, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is absolutely a hot market which indicates great potential. The year of 2018 especially witnesses the rapid growth of CSP project development and construction in MENA led by the world eye-catching DEWA 700 CSP project and NOOR Ouarzazate (NOORo) Solar Complex.

As the traditional CSP market, Spain produces several leading CSP firms in project development & EPC, engineering & consultancy, and some of the industry leaders owning valuable expertise and experience are expanding their map to MENA region. The Spanish firms like Abengoa Solar, TSK, ACS Cobra and Empresarios Agrupados get involved in the local CSP projects, for example, Abengoa as Technology Provider in DEWA parabolic trough plants, and TSK as EPC in Kuwait Shagaya, Empresarios Agrupados as Engineer in NOOR 2&3.

Free Report: Morocco NOOR Solar Plan-by MASEN

Companies in other European countries like EDF, Suntrace, Siemens and Cleanergy are also taking lead in their CSP domains. Both EDF and Suntrace joined the bidding for Morocco Midelt CSP+PV hybrid project. The Swedish Stirling dish technology provider Cleanergy has cooperated with the local Masen (Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy) and Masdar to develop Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system using CSP-Stirling-based solar electricity technology.

China leading EPC Shanghai Electric becomes a new super star in CSP industry since its signing with ACWA Power on the EPC contract for DEWA 700 CSP project. And another Chinese CSP pioneer SUPCON Solar, constructed China 1st commercial 10MW CSP tower plant and now busy in the 50MW pilot project construction. Both of them put MENA region as their strategically crucial market for CSP business development.

Site visit open! Jun.26 NOORo 580MW CSP+PV solar power complex

Speaking of the local giants, ACWA in Saudi Arabia joined both the NOORo complex and DEWA CSP project, and also the NOOR Midelt completion as developer. And MASEN, the key implementer and governor for Morocco Solar Plan, plays leading role in the NOORo and NOOR Midelt solar projects.

To gather all the key CSP leaders to share their thoughts and experience in MENA region, CSP Focus MENA 2018  will be held in Marrakech, Morocco during June 27-28, and a one day visit to the 580MW NOORo solar complex will be organized one day earlier on June 26.

Last chance to register the conference and NOORo visit. Click to download brochure of CSP Focus MENA 2018

Part of Speakers in CSP Focus MENA Jun.27-28 Morocco


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