The global solar CSP capacity reached over 5GW at the beginning of 2017, and now we are embracing the end of 2017, which is an exciting year for global CSP industry peers.

In the year of 2017,

China started the execution of 1st batch of 20 pilot CSP plants with total capacity of 1.349GW, and gets ready for 2nd batch bigger scale allocation;

Dubai launched 700MW parabolic trough plus tower CSP project;

Morocco is busy with the construction and development of Noor solar plants;

South Africa finished its 4th CSP plant-100MW parabolic trough Xina Solar One;

Other countries like Australia and Chile are developing large-scale CSP plants…

It is expected that the total CSP capacity will be doubled by the year of 2020 with the rapid development of emerging markets especially located in China and MENA region.

Based in the new engine of global CSP—China, CSP Focus is delighted to witness the big progress and evolution of world CSP industry. To better act as the CSP industry consultancy and bridge to China and overseas, CSP Focus is planning to create more professional platforms and opportunities for all CSP industry players in the coming year of 2018.

CSP Focus 2018 events preview:

8th Annual CSP Focus China 2018, March 22-23, Beijing
CSP Focus China Project Tour, March 24-28, West China
CSP Focus MENA 2018, June, Morocco
CSP Focus Technology Innovation 2018, Sept, Shanghai, China

Click the link to download CSP Focus 2018 Events Plan.