The Concentrated Solar Power industry peers are happy to see the fast growing capacity of global CSP projects especially starting from last year 2018, and a continuous expanding is expected this year thanks to the contribution from China and Middle East & Africa.

However, «high cost» is always a question for CSP revolution, in the Survey launched by CSP Focus earlier, most of the industry players agree that we should expand CSP capacity to realize better scale effect, and at the same time devote more on R&D to get technological breakthrough.

Innovative engineering, O&M and system optimization have helped global concentrated solar power (CSP) to boom in recent years. The typical cases are like DEWA’s NOOR Energy 1 CSP-PV project utilizing Abengoa’s lasted Space Tube collector, China Hami 50MW molten salt tower CSP plant taking sbp’s Stellio heliostat…

Moreover, creative studies and applications  are happening nearly everywhere in CSP system, components, commissioning and O&M…

To create a perfect platform for keeping close eyes on global CSP innovations and their contribution to future CSP revolution, the 3rd Annual CSP Focus Innovation 2019 will be scheduled on October 24-25 in China.
CSP innovations to be shared and discussed during CSP Focus Innovation Oct.24-25 China?

  • Position of CSP in Future Energy System
  • CSP Project Engineering and Construction
  • CSP’s response to Power Grid
  • Commissioning, O&M and Acceptance
  • Solar Field System Integration and Optimization
  • Optimization and Innovation of Heat Transfer System & Thermal Energy Storage
  • Hybrid Solar Plant
  • Cutting Edge Technology and Research


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