Spain is reforming its energy market changing the rules of the game for renewable energy.

 Whilst consequences for CSP are not clear yet, any country looking to invest in this technology can learn from the Spanish case.

Spain, country leader in CSP, is leaving behind the Feed-in Tariff framework. Instead, renewables will receive a fixed investment supplement to ensure the economic viability of the plants. Nonetheless, other countries are going for a Feed-in Tariff system, for example Jordan which has set it at $0.19 per Kw/h.

Other governments such Chile are looking to implement different types of frameworks as for instance establishing a power purchase agreement (PPA) with CSP developers. For those countries in which the type of government support has not been determined yet, the Spanish case should be looked closely to avoid disruptions.

At CSP Today Sevilla 2013, José Manuel Nieto from Acciona Energy will be joined by Giulio Volpi from the European Commission and Luis Crespo from the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association to discuss how governments can design the best framework to support CSP. A Jordanian delegation formed by the Electricity Regulation Commission and the National Research Center will be showcasing their FiT system.

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