A report promoted by the World Bank assesses the potential of Concentrating Solar Power technology in five countries in the Middle East and North Africa, estimating that a rough €10 billion turnover is technically feasib

Worldwide about 850 MW of concentrated solar energy (CSP) are currently online, while an additional 1,500 MW are under construction. Most of these facilities are located in Spain and southern and western states in the US, as are projects in the pipeline. Nevertheless, the region where this technology has the greatest potential is formed by the Middle East and North Africa.

The latter is found in Middle East and North Africa Region, Assessment of the Local Manufacturing Potential for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Projects, a report compiled by Ernest & Young and the German Fraunhofer Institute for the World Bank.

The document studies the situation of technology and the potential of concentrated solar energy both in terms of resources and industrial context, focusing specifically on five countries of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region: Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia.

The report estimates that these countries’ own technology development could lead to put 5,000 MW online, while more than 2,000 MW could be exported by 2020. The resulting total revenues could exceed 10 billion euros, with an average 60% of added value for investments. This would also mean that 180,000 new jobs could be created, under the most favourable scenario.

Moreover, the report illustrates an action plan, which provides guidelines to local governments on how to enhance the use of natural resources and remove major obstacles, encouraging investment from European companies, which, in turn, could benefit greatly from these investments in the region.