Three Gorges Hengji Nengmai Guazhou 700MW CSP+PV+Wind Project was part of the 1.3GW CSP projects released last year in China. The project feasibility study was reviewed and approved in Feb 2022. The project developer issued the tender of EPC by the end of April and the tender of Project Supervisor 5th of May.

Project Highlights

The Project is consisting of 200MW PV, 400MW Wind and 100MW CSP, and the CSP will act mainly as an energy storage system, playing key role of peak load and frequency modulation. So the entire project will have a smooth and controllable power output, while reducing the curtailment of PV and Wind.

The CSP system, with 10 hours molten salt thermal storage, will have two molten salt tower receivers, each with capacity of 50MW. And the two towers will be connected to the single 100MW steam turbine power generation system.

The CSP project was supposed to start construction on May 30 this year, and CoD by the end of 2023, as was released on the previous tender files.

It is one of the three CSP projects, 100MW each and 300MW in total, that China Three Gorges New Energy grasped from the 1.3GW projects last year. Unlike the other two projects, in which China Three Gorges New Energy takes the majority, a new company Hengji Nengmai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd takes 51% of the project SPV, and leading the development and execution of the project with its own molten salt tower CSP technologies.