As India’s National Solar Mission takes a back seat for concentrated solar power projects, regional opportunities have sprung to the fore – and Gujarat intends to capitalize.

When it was announced in December that the CSP allocation of the National Solar Mission would be delayed, developers began looking further afield in the quest for new projects. Gujarat has been pushing hard to promote renewables in the state, so now could be the time for CSP to lay a claim there.

There are a number of factors that make Gujarat attractive to CSP, according to Dr. Ketan Shukla, Secretary at the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (GERC). In a recent presentation, Dr. Shukla noted the availability of land in areas of high solar radiation, high water availability (particularly in the north of Gujarat) and strong infrastructure (a road network of 74,000Km) as positives that the industry should consider.

“The North Western part of India, particularly Gujarat and Rajasthan, gets high levels of solar radiation through most of the year” Dr. Shukla explained. In terms of policy, a Solar Power Policy was initiated in 2009 offering solar thermal a tariff of Rs. 11.55/kWh.

Gujarat will be discussed in further detail at the CSP Today India 2013 conference, taking place 12-13 March in New Delhi. Attendees will also hear from Pranav Mehta, Chairman of the Solar Energy Association of Gujarat, to get to grips with the opportunities open there.

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