950 MW Noor Energy 1 Concentrating Solar Power- Photovoltaic project in Dubai is now absolutely the most eye-catching star amongst global CSP industry players as the 700MW CSP capacity creates a record large scale taking both innovative parabolic trough and power tower CSP technologies.

As CSP Focus keeps reporting on the progress of the super CSP-PV solar project, it just made a milestone that the 260-meter high receiver tower was completed on January 9 last month this year.

Located in Dubai, UAE, Noor Energy 1 is a typical “international” project participated by companies from over 10 countries. The owner Dubai Electricity Water Authority (DEWA) awarded the project in 2017 at a record-low tariff of $73/MWh to Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power consortium, and China’s Shanghai Electric signed EPC Contract in 2018.

The project reached financial closure in March 2019. The cost will be met through $2.9 billion of debt and $1.5 billion of equity. DEWA is to provide $750 million, half of the project equity. Of the remaining half, ACWA Power will provide 51% and China’s Silk Road Fund 49%. In June 2019, the Silk Road Fund purchased a 49% stake in ACWA Power’s renewable energy business. 13 international banking firms provide $2.9 billion debt mainly from China and UAE.

The project will include technologies from a wide range of suppliers, of which Spain’s Abengoa is responsible for CSP Parabolic Trough tech and USA’s BrightSource for CSP Tower, and three Chinese designing firms provide engineering & consultancy separately for the PT and Tower plants.

Speaking of the key components, Belgium’s CMI will supply the molten salt receiver for the tower plant and Rioglass will supply the mirrors for PT projects, Germany’s Siemens will supply four steam turbine generators and auxiliary equipment for the parabolic trough and tower plants, Denmark’s Aalborg will supply steam generation technology for the parabolic trough section…

CSP Focus wrapped up the Suppliers’ List mainly for Dubai Noor Energy 1 CSP project:

To get the full participants list and the project detailed introduction you may download:

Free report: Dubai 950MW NOOR Energy 1 CSP-PV Project (Feb. 2020)

As the above chart shows, led by the EPC contractor Shanghai Electric, around half of the participants are from China, and others from Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Australia, UK and Switzerland…

Shanghai Electric is faced with the challenge of minimizing costs while also meeting a demanding construction schedule. The expected construction duration lasts 48 months, meaning the overall 700MW CSP project will be completed by the end of 2022 in four years. The plant will be brought online in phases in 2020-2022 and the first parabolic trough plant and central tower unit are hopefully to be completed by the end of 2020.

The $4.4 billion Noor Energy 1 solar thermal project will be the world’s largest CSP plant and includes a 100 MW CSP tower plant, three 200 MW parabolic trough CSP systems, 250 MW of PV capacity and 15 hours of molten salt CSP storage capacity.

To better introduce the project update and share on expertise and experience in solar thermal power domain, some of the project key players will be attending the upcoming 5th CSP Focus MENA 2020 Conference & Expo on Jun.23-24 in Dubai, which is the unique professional event for global CSP peers focusing on MENA region.