Heineken NV (AMS: HEIA) has actually launched building of a concentrated solar energy (CSP) plant to secure thermal energy for its beer brewery in Quart de Poblet, eastern Spain, starting its second CSP-based self-consumption project in the country.

The brewer’s Spanish device on Wednesday introduced the information along with local solar thermal professional CSIN, which will certainly build the plant on Heineken’s premises as well as offer thermal energy to the beer manufacturing facility for 15 years. Afterwards, Heineken Spain will have the ability to acquire the CSP plant, the firm stated.

The entire project represents an investment of EUR 2.2 million (USD 2.3 m), as well as CSIN secured funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to cover a part of the construction expenses.

The solar field at Quart de Poblet will certainly span a surface area of near to 6,000 square metres (64,583 sq ft). The plant will certainly be equipped with thermal power storage space as well as trough mirrors to capture sunlight to heat water in the pipelines to 200 levels Celsius (392 degrees F).

With the whole setup, Heineken Spain will be able to obtain 3,504 MWh thermal each year to make use of in developing and product packaging processes.

The CSP plant will certainly prepare in June 2023, the brewer stated.

The ground-breaking in Quart de Poblet comes just two months after energy firm Engie Espana began building a 43,000-square-metre CSP plant for self-consumption by Heineken’s brewery in Seville. Both projects belong to Heineken Spain’s efforts to accomplish lasting operations by 2025, with targets consisting of net zero emissions, decreased water consumption and also zero waste.