In this project HERLOGAS collaborates with Shanghai Electric with the melting process of 560,000 tons of salt and the preheating of the 26 storage tanks, to date HERLOGAS has successfully melted 115,000 tons of salt successfully and preheated 4 salt tanks, This melting process that we have ends SUCCESSFULLY in PT1 Set 3-4.

Noor Energy 1 PSC will be implementing the 4th phase of Mohammed bin Rashid Solar Park, which is a 700MW CSP +250 MW PV Project. The Project will be the largest single-site concentrated solar power plant in the world. It has also witness a new world record of levelised cost of electricity at US $7.3 cents per kilowatt-hour; a cost level that competes with fossil fuel generated electricity without subsidy for reliable and dispatchable solar energy through the night. The technology used includes a combination of the world’s largest solar tower at 260 meters (100MW), parabolic trough concentrated solar power technologies to collect energy from the sun (600MW split in 200MW for each unit), and bifacial photovoltaic (250 MW). The project supports the Dubai Clean Strategy to increase the share of clean energy at Dubai to 25% by 2030 as well as allowing a saving 2.4 Million tons of CO2.

This project in Dubai adds to the long history of Herlogas in more than 30 thermosolar projects with thermal storage in different countries (Spain, EEUU, South Africa, Morocco, Kuwait, Israel, Chile) having successfully carried out the heating of more than 80 salt tanks and melted more than 809.300 tons of salt. This new project reaffirms Herlogas in the field of in the field of renewable energies and confirms Herlogas’ commitment to climate change.