Himin Solar is the subcontractor for China’s first 1MWe Tower Plant, located in Yanqing, Beijing, developed by Institute of Electrical Engineering-CAS.

Himin Solar is responsible for the development and manufacture of heliostats. This 1MWe tower project has just commissioned 2 weeks ago.

Established on June 5, 1995, the Himin Solar Company Ltd. is now the China’s leading manufacturer in the field of solar energy. Himin Solar specializes in the manufacture of concentrated solar power system (CSP) which includes a Fresnel solar thermal power generation system, trough solar thermal power generation system, dish solar thermal power generation system, tower solar thermal power generation system, and more.

Himin Solar also provides the Micro Emission Packaged Design Solution (Me Pad). The thermal collectors they annually sold are sufficient to cover an area of 3,000,000 square meters, equaling that of the entire European Union and twice that of North America.

Himin has more than 350 company standards which are set higher than the national standards. We have also taken part in the creation of the national standard for solar water heaters. With our world-class low carbon technical testing center and more than 18 laboratories, we guarantee top-class product research and development as well as quality control inspections of our concentrated solar power system (CSP).

Our low and intermediate temperature products are popular all over the world. In addition, the core components of Himin high-temperature thermal power generation are exported to Spain, Germany, France, Italy, India, America, Australia, etc. Their demonstration systems have been performing well for three years with excellent performance and stable quality.