A groundbreaking report on Concentrating Solar Power has concluded that India has sufficient land to allow solar power to make a major contribution to its energy mix.

"India’s strong track record of technical success in every field that it has seriously engaged in, from wind turbines to car manufacturing, make it clear that a major player position in concentrating solar power is feasible," the report states.

Jointly commissioned by the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Resources (MNRE) and the Australian Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, the report was prepared by the UK based IT Power Group, a specialist engineering consultancy focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency.
"This report is an excellent example of how India and Australia can work together to address our shared need for solar power," said Acting High Commissioner Lachlan Strahan. "Both our countries have good solar resources and we can benefit by sharing technology and expertise in solar energy. We will now look for practical ways to work with MNRE in considering the ideas in the Report."
A formal launch of the report will occur on Wednesday at a workshop on Concentrated Solar Power Plants to be held at Claridges Hotel, Surajkund, Delhi, from 9.30am. Dr Ashvini Kumar, Director, MNRE, will be the special guest for the launch of the report.
The report was presented to the Secretary of MNRE, Deepak Gupta on May 13 by its principal author, Professor Keith Lovegrove, Head of Solar Thermal with IT Power and Solar Thermal leader at the Australian National University.
Gupta welcomed the launch of the report and its recommendations, many of which he said the ministry could endorse.
Funding for the report came from the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) under its program to link government agencies and universities in Australia with their counterparts in India.