Industrial Solar GmbH is cooperating in the growing market for solar process heat in China with Royal Tech CSP.
Industrial Solar has many years of experience and an extensive network in the field of solar process heat. The core product, the highly efficient Fresnel collector for applications in the temperature range from 130 ° to 400 ° C is ideal for a variety of manufacturing processes in the industry, as well as for the air-conditioning of large buildings in China.

Royal Tech CSP is a high-tech company focusing on solar thermal technologies. The core products are vacuum receivers. Royal Tech CSP has been collaborating with renowned solar research institutes such as  Fraunhofer ISE, DLR and CIEMAT-PSA for many years. 

Industrial Solar expects to market its products, systems and services in China through the cooperation. Another important factor is the benefit from cost reduction potentials by the production of various components in China. Royal Tech CSP will build another business area in the field of industrial process heat and may, inter alia, integrate its receiver technology in the Fresnel systems of Industrial Solar by the cooperation.

China is by far the world largest market for solar thermal applications. Around two-thirds of the total final energy demand in the industry is process heat. Therefore the potential for solar thermal generated process heat in China is enormous. The collector system of Industrial Solar closes with a thermal output of up to several MW, the gap between small solar collectors and solar thermal power plants and thus covers a wide range of industrial applications for solar process heat and cooling.