Now in its third year of operation, Ivanpah set new production records throughout the summer of 2016. July proved to be the best month yet, with 98,849 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity produced from all three units. Energy delivered in July represented a 60% increase over July 2015 (61,681 MWh) and a 175% increase over July 2014 (35,967 MWh).

As to be expected with innovative technologies deployed for the first time at commercial scale, Ivanpah’s learning curve was steep during the plant’s first year of operations. After completing construction on time and on budget – an impressive feat for any infrastructure project of this size – Ivanpah’s electricity generation has steadily improved as part of the planned multi-year ramp up.

To achieve this increase in generation, Ivanpah owners rely upon a dedicated team who manage a rigorous performance improvement process consisting of four steps: data, causality, action and forecast. Measures the team identified and put in place have collectively led to significant improvements to ongoing plant operations across the board. 

While Ivanpah has had more than its fair share of scrutinythe numbers show the project is on track for success.