The advanced concentrated solar power (CSP) “Solar Beam Down” project is a demonstration of the cutting-edge technology being developed at Masdar.

James Cameron, the acclaimed Hollywood film director and producer, recently visited Masdar City, praising its ambition and commitment to advancing and commercializing innovations in renewable energy and clean technology.

Cameron was received by Dr. Sultan A. Al Jaber, CEO of Masdar, and given a comprehensive overview of Masdar’s unique integrated approach to tackling the complex energy challenges the world faces. The tour of Masdar City enabled Cameron to see firsthand the innovations, progress and momentum building at Masdar. One such example was his visit to the advanced concentrated solar power (CSP) “Solar Beam Down” project, a demonstration of the cutting-edge technology being developed at Masdar.

Cameron’s visit also included a tour of Masdar Institute, the Middle East’s first graduate research institution dedicated to clean energy research and education. During his visit, he met with the faculty and students and toured the sustainable facilities that have been designed to improve both the living and working experience through smart, energy efficient and high performance building design.

Cameron said: “Through Masdar, the leadership of the UAE has taken a visionary path towards the future. In the heart of a major oil producing nation, Masdar is a shining ideal of what a long term, sustainable future for energy can be. This is a test bed – and this is where the technology is going to come from that will allow us to have a renewable energy future.”

Dr. Sultan A. Al Jaber said: “The remarkable passion that James Cameron has for the environment and a healthy, thriving future is clearly seen in his works. The same core belief drives Masdar’s vision and efforts to forge a path for the world toward a sustainable future. We are pleased to have Cameron see first-hand our dedication, commitment and actions that are benefitting the environment, the economy and society.”

James Cameron has been active in the world of cinema since 1978, delivering some of the world’s highest grossing box office films such as ‘Avatar’, ‘Titanic’ and ‘Aliens’. Described by a biographer as ‘part-scientist and part-artist,’ Cameron has spent several years creating many documentary films, especially underwater documentaries, and has also co-developed the digital 3-D Fusion Camera System that was key to the creation of ‘Avatar.’